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Yremer Coral  (Corry - my first breeding queen, now neutered)


Yremer Coral was my first Ragdoll Queen. She is a Seal bi-colour Ragdoll and I have owned her since January 2006. She came to me as a re-home, as company for Pippin, and has become firm friends with him.

Corry follows me everywhere and is an incredibly friendly cat and I decided to breed Ragdolls as her temprement is so good, I fell in love with the breed!

Pictures from Corry's first litter from a mating with Jaxgals Emerisle Storm can be seen on the kitten page. Many thanks to his owner Jeanette Fitzpatrick for all her help and advice. From that litter I have kept Elanesse Anoushka, see below.

Champion Elanesse Anoushka  (Noonoo)


Known to us at home as Noonoo because she was so scared of the vacuum cleaner the first time she heard it! Noonoo was born on 8th December 2006 and was one of Corals first litter.

Here you can see Noonoo "helping" me in the office at home! Noonoo is a very friendly girl and is interested in everything that is going on in the house, including the new Border Collie pup we have just got!

I plan to start showing Noonoo in Summer 2007, probably not breeding from her until early 2008 when she is 12 months old.

Donjelami Ateya Athina (Kelsey -now neutered)

Kelsey, blue bi-colour girl of traditional lines.

Happytyme Dancing Grace (66w)

Picture of Grace

A beautiful Seal mitted Girl.

Elanesse Fimbrethil (66 31a)

Picture of Fimble

Kelseys Daughter, a lovely blue bi-colour girl.

Also Elanesse Kitkat (66 31t) , Elanesse Kecia (66t), Elanesse Ashka (66) pictures to follow.