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Hello, my name is Jenny Dunstall. I am a hobby breeder of Ragdoll, Snowshoe & Siamese Cats. My cats live with us at home in Brixworth, Northamptonshire. We are animal lovers who are proud of our compliment of dearly loved pets who are very much an important part of the family.

Not all of our pets are cats, we have two dogs, Phoebe and Zeta.  Zeta is a rescue Border Collie, and Phoebe was born to a pregnant stray my son took in to his home.  We are not sure what breed she is, Heinz 57 fits the bill!

I started in cat breeding in 2006, when we acquired two non pedigree kittens, a brother and sister we called Merry and Pippin. However, Merry was one of those cats who are always up to mischief and inquisitive, and as a young adult, was run over outside the house. This led to us looking for a companion to Pippin, a tabby and white semi-longhair now nine months old, who was missing his sister. We answered an advertisement in a local paper for an American Ragdoll cat who needed re-homing as her owners were expecting another baby and had too many cats, and this is how Yremer Coral (Corry) came to our house.

Corry settled down really well and she and Pippin became firm friends as we were hoping. In fact we all fell in love with her as her friendly nature and loveable character was obvious form the start. She soon began to follow me everywhere and meet us at the door when we come home.

Corry is a breeding queen on the GCCF active register and so I set about the task of registering a prefix in order to mate her and acquire more of these wonderful cats and one thing led to another!