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The Ragdoll Cat

Ragdolls are large, semi-longhaired cats, with a strong muscular feel to them. Their coats are soft and silky with beautiful ruffs and knickerbockers, often look their best in the winter months as with many of the other semi-longhair breeds. Coat length varies with the individual. They come in the universally accepted colours of Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream, in Solid Points, Tortie Points, Tabby Points and Tortie Tabby Points, which may be transposed over each of the three accepted patterns of Colourpointed, Mitted and Bicolour.

The Ragdoll should have a good length to his body, with a long tail to balance and with good strong bone and large round tufted paws to support his frame. With their broad head and width between their medium size well furnished ears, medium length nose with its retrousse tip, and of course their most outstanding feature, their eyes. From the deepest Sapphire to the most delicate China Blue, they have an expression like no other cat.

Ragdolls have a wonderfully gentle, laid back temperament and their popularity as the ideal house pet who are totally devoted to their owners has become legendary. As kittens they are full of life and inquisitive and as they mature they become very loving, trusting cats who follow their owners everywhere. They love human company and are super with children. They get to know their names and will come when called. They also love to play and any amount of love and affection given to a Ragdoll will be repaid over and over again.

So, what DO you get when you buy a Ragdoll? Certainly NOT a dim witted creature who sits around all day doing nothing but a stunningly beautiful individual, with almost a sense of humour all of it's own. A cat who will meet you at the door when you return home, who will chatter to you when the mood takes them. A cat that repays your affection many times over.

NOT a cat that can be ignored!

Just one small word of warning..., ONE is usually not enough!...... . It has been said before. It has to be said once more......, RAGDOLLS ARE ADDICTIVE...........!