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Show News - Elanesse cats are getting onto the show bench!

Champion Elanesse Hirluin Thefair (Blue Bi-colour) won his first CC at his first adult show!  He is now Elanesse Cats Second Champion!

Picture of Dini

Dini took to it like a professional and won his CC at the Somerset Show on 6th June 2009.  He then proceeded to win CC's at two of his next three shows and is now a Champion. 

He has also won his Grand Certificate and Best of Breed at the Supreme 2009.  Regularly out on the showbench chasing those GC's!

Elanesse Fimbrethil (Blue Bi-colour) also won her first CC at her first adult show!

Fimble won her CC at the Midlands Counties Cat Club on 17th May 2009!

Look out for them both at future shows!

Elanesse cats have their first Champion!!

Champion Elanesse Anoushka (Noonoo), won her 3rd CC at the CRAOV show in Birmingham on October 18th 2008. She is entered for the 2008 Supreme.

This is a picture of Noonoo winning her 2nd CC and BOB at the Wyvern in September. She won her first Championship Certificate at the Wiltshire & District in June 2008. Noonoo is still owned by me and had her first litter earlier this year in February.

Noonoo's daughters are also winning already as kittens.

Elanesse Clare Ofellandbee won her kitten class and BOB at the Gwynedd show in July. Congratulations to Len and Brenda Southern, who were the breeders of my lovely boy, Ellandbee Tommie (Mika) their sire.

Her sister Elanesse Cinnamon Spice has won two kitten classes at the Eastern Counties Cat Society show in June and the 3 Counties Cat Club show in August, where she won a medal for her BOB, and got her picture in the Hills Breeder section of Our Cats! Cinna is also entered for the 2008 Supreme!

Elanesse Aragorn (Milo),

from the first ever Elanesse litter has been shown twice by his owner Ruth Chappell. In January 2008 he won his first Premier Certificate at the Somerset Cat Club show in Weston Super Mare where they live.

In June at the Somerset Cat Club show at the same venue, he won his second PC!!

Well done Ruth and Milo, only one more to go for the first Elanesse Premier Cat!